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About LongReach Arts

Founded in 1982 as summergroup, the artists cooperative LongReach Arts remains an important part of the cultural life in the Hudson Valley Region.  In addition to achieving recognition as a group, individual member's works are well known in a broad area.  They are represented in both public and private collections in the United States, Europe and beyond.

May Artist of the Month
- Basha Ruth Nelson -



Art, it is a wonder.  I always had a need to create and communicate.

Since much of my education and experience has the background of New York City's skyscrapers, a passion for the vertical shapes my primary artistic direction. The root of this commitment lies deeply. From living in the Bahamas and the Hudson Valley, the curls and waves from ocean spray as well as the grandeur and shapes of the mountains have also become my inspiration. All are in my heart and form my sense of place. These elements come together giving me the freedom to explore and imagine.

My process is highly intuitive. When working with aluminum and copper, I work directly with the material, cutting and forming it by hand. The artwork then contrasts the strength of metal and the softness of the human touch. The metal tells me where it needs to be. It communicates with me.

My aim is to create unity between my artwork and the space in which it will live, no matter where, perhaps in a home, a public building or a park. I hope my artwork communicates with you.

Basha Ruth Nelson
Sculptures, Installations, Commissions