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Mobile: (914) 475-0450

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Photography is an art form I discovered about 30 years ago while attending college (for an unrelated major of Veterinary Technology) in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and spending time with a photographer friend who inspired me. After returning to New York City, I received instruction primarily at the International Center of Photography. I learned the craft of printing my own work, which enables me to personalize my images even further. I have always enjoyed studying and creating with alternative processes such as hand coloring black and white photographs, platinum/palladium printing, and creatively working with Polaroids. I have also more recently started to explore the world of digital photography (once again studying at ICP). My fine art prints have been exhibited extensively in the Hudson Valley, nationally and in 2004 I had the opportunity to exhibit my hand colored photographs at the Logis Royal, a castle in the Loire Valley outside of Paris, France.

Hand coloring a photograph allows me to create an image according to my own personal perception. I start by printing and toning a black and white negative, and then paint it with oils. Finally, I present these images with old frames that I restore and are reminiscent of my collection of Wallace Nutting hand colored photographs from the 1930’s.

The platinum/palladium process dates back to the late 1800’s. I coat a paper surface with these archival metals, place the negative directly in contact with the paper, and then develop it with a controlled light source to create beautiful images with an incredible tonal range.

Polaroid emulsion lifts and image transfers enable me to expand the visual and emotional range of the original photograph. I start by printing the image onto Polaroid paper, and then remove it from the Polaroid “support” and place transfers onto watercolor paper, rocks, shells, glass, metals, or wood. Image transfers are placed on to watercolor or handmade papers. Hand coloring with pastels or watercolors is an option at this point, to enhance the image.

I take pleasure in sharing my sense of wonder of what nature has to offer us visually with you.