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Carol Pepper-Cooper

IdeaI grew up in Manhattan within walking distance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The work I saw there as a child which most directly spoke to me was that by Van Gogh, Gaughin and Rembrandt. The rhythms and emotional intensity of Van Gogh are still reflected in my own work, as are the forms and color of Gaughin. I would like to think that the humane spirit of Rembrandt also exists in my art. At Radcliffe College, from which I received a degree in English, I studied with T. Lux Feininger and first encountered the Bauhaus School of Art. Summers at the Arts Students League and Skowhegan School of Art and two years of studying drawing at the University of Illinois prepared me for the MFA program at Pratt Institute where I was introduced to Abstract Expressionism and to Hans Hofmann's concept of space and the push-pull of the colors which create it. All my work, whether representational or non-objective, is informed by that concept.


Over the years I have attempted to combine the sensuous and the contemplative while often focusing on flow. My work at Pratt concentrated on the flow of forces in nature. Later came images regarding the flow of consciousness: the going in and out of dreams. Recently I have been developing works haunted by the flow of time and the transience of all things physical.