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Arlene Becker


We function simultaneously in two worlds - our physical surroundings and our reverie.  The physical environment seems large, but reverie expands, unexpectedly becoming larger.  These images explore the counterpoint between these two states.  

I take a photograph in some commonplace/common place.  Then I depart from that early incarnation of the image as the approach becomes more conceptual.  I digitally remove, highlights, abstract, montage and collage elements within the photo to reveal how our everyday experiences expand within us to transform into the vastness of our reverie.


Arlene grew up in Chicago, did graduate work at Institute of Design and University of Chicago and got her MFA degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  In the mid 90s she moved to Santa Fe, and then in 2005 to Red Hook, New York.  She has exhibited widely, Midwest, West and now East at venues that include the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Chicago Cultural Center, the Albuquerque Museum of Fine Art, the Santa Fe Center for Contemporary Art, the New Mexico State Capital, Bard College, Woodstock Artists Association Museum, BCB Gallery in Hudson, Montgomery Row in Rhinebeck.